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Welcome to Aquarium Fish Experts,
My name is Ryan and I am here to tell you a bit about this website and why I am building it. I will start with who I am and why I believe this site needed to be built.

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm and therefore get to experience the beauty of nature everyday of my childhood, at the age of 10 i bought my first Aquarium, it was a standard 2ft and like many other beginners i was given some bad advice (Kuhli Loaches are not cold water species) and so i learn’t early to find information from reputable sources not the person trying to make a sale.

Since then I have worked in 3 Aquarium retail shops, the biggest aquarium wholesaler in the Southern hemisphere and owned my own aquarium business. Again one of the most valuable lessons which was reinforced time and time again… Get information from a reputable source.

I was completely disgusted with how many people and businesses would sell fish they knew were sick or just blatantly lie simply to make a few dollars. Now it wasn’t all bad, in fact it was people such as Phil Littlejohn, John Cousins and Dave Wilson who showed me that there are people who have a pure passion for nature and live their lives with integrity.

These combined experiences have lead me to this point, with the lessons i have learn’t i have decided to build a website which will provide free information for everybody to learn and expand their knowledge on the amazing hobby of aquarium keeping.

Aquarium Fish Experts will provide profiles and pictures on as many fish, inverts, plants and other relevant subjects as possible and if you would like to contribute you knowledge or pictures then please contact me on and i would love to work with you to help other people grow their hobby into and art form.

One more subject i would like to address is the fact that this is a free website, I will be putting as much personal time and money into this a i can, but i will be getting reputable sponsors to help out with costs so please help them out when possible.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Kind regards,